Standard Operating Procedures Clinical Protocol IV: Shipping

Labeling Specimens

•Labels are provided for you in the specimen Handling Kit (contact Handling Center). Please make sure labels are as follows:

  1. Patient study ID number

  2. Patient biospecimen number

  3. Biospecimen type

  4. Day post entry into the study

  5. Date and time that the specimen was drawn

•Please use blue or black ink when completing the label.

Make sure you use a pen that does not smudge with water or alcohol (Markette permanent marker).

•Secure and cover the entire prepared label with Scotch tape.

Shipping Specimens

•To ship the specimen on dry ice, please use a well-labeled, sealed plastic 12 x 75mm serum tube bagged and put on dry ice. Zip lock bag.

•It is fundamental that you use “a lot” of dry ice, in case for some reason the transport takes longer than expected (to prevent thawing). A rule of thumb is 10x more volume of dry ice than volume of specimens.

•Specimens should be sent via FedEx or Purolator. Your hospital’s shipping and receiving department should have the necessary packaging materials, forms and dry ice labels.

Then please courier the blood to the receiving centre.

Notify the receiving centre by telephone on day of shipping.